Archeon takes its name from the Acheron River, a tributary of the legendary Styx, which separates the world of the living from Hades, the Greek mythological world of the dead.

In 2018, the era of digital revolution, Archeon took upon themselves the mission of helping first aiders bring back patients from the far bank. How?
By using the full potential of A.I. during this golden time where every detail can make a difference.

Archeon firmly believes in innovation,

and in the great opportunities offered by deep technology.
In a world that tends to be governed by wearables and IoT, why would emergency medicine not also benefit?

If ‘to err is human’, then A.I. can help save human lives…

thanks to new devices at the cutting edge of medical engineering, focused on portability, ergonomics, and ease of use, A.I. can assist first aiders in providing optimal care in all circumstances.

Archeon believes in the future…

In everyone’s future, even when hope is counted in seconds, and in the future of innovation and entrepreneurship which makes it possible for promising ideas to emerge.


believes in life

Managerial team
A team of 15 people working to transform medical practices
The Conductor

"The art of conducting is to leave the baton behind so as not to disturb the orchestra."

Pierre-Edouard SAILLARD
The Captain

"Trust is the invisible glue that leads a team to win."

Valentine OQDA
The last Jedi

"Do or do not, there is no try (Master Yoda)"

The Muse

"Advertising cannot create the value of a product. It can only reflect it."

The Architect

"Being an architect is formulating problems with clarity."

Christophe FAVRET

“You don't learn anything from buying, but you do from selling”

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