June, 2020 . Besançon
Archeon to receive €1 million grants from the European Innovation Council

Archeon will develop in the coming months a mass casualty ventilation monitoring device.

Archeon has been awarded in the category “treatment for coronavirus patients” to deploy a monitoring solution for mechanical ventilation.

Selected from among 1,400 projects, Archeon is one of the 4 French companies out of 36 winners to be financed by European Commission.

This funding will enable Archeon to accelerate its development, and to use its expertise in ventilation to go even further. The stated ambition is to design a new range of products specifically dedicated to the monitoring of mechanical ventilation in hospitals, as the current pandemic has revealed dramatic failures and shortages of healthcare equipment in many parts of the world. Archeon’s ambition is to become one of the major players in the fight against coronavirus and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndromes, thanks to its innovative ventilation devices.


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