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March, 2022 . France
“Death by hyperventilation: A common and life-threatening problem during cardiopulmonary resuscitation”

In 2004, Tom Aufderheide and Keith Lurie made an investigation regarding the impact of hyperventilation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

This investigation consisted of two studies, a clinical trial and a porcine animal study, and was published in the Critical Care Medicine journal. (https://journals.lww.com/ccmjournal/Abstract/2004/09001/Death_by_hyperventilation__A_common_and.2.aspx)

Even though professional rescue personnel were trained to follow the AHA guidelines of 12 breaths per minute, the average ventilation rate measured in adults cardiac arrest patients was 30 breaths/min.

No patient survived.

Survival studies in pigs demonstrated that hyperventilation decreased coronary perfusion and survival rates by over 70%.

"Hyperventilation decrease survival rate by over 70 %"
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