September, 2021 . Germany and Austria
EOlife distribution in Germany and Austria

Archeon is really proud to sign two agreements in Europe.

Patrick Rada, CEO of Hestomed, gives few words regarding this new partnership: “We are proud to be now partner of EOlife in germany. The opportunities in the german emergency market are very promising and we are looking forward to our great partnership. EOlife is a high-level medical device, but also as simple as it has to be for using in critical and stressful emergency situations. It is a perfect product and completes our range.”.

Archeon also signed a partnership with Roraco in Austria. Andrea Rembor, Director, describes her company:”We are a company with is almost 90 years (1933) in the market of emergency equipment and always keen on getting new and innovative products into the market. So we can help the First Aid providers with good and supportive material to save more lifes.”

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