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November 2019 . Besançon
EOlife improves the performance of manual ventilation by over 70 % in a crossover manikin study

First preclinical trial has demonstrated drastic improvement of ventilation quality.

Forty healthcare providers were enrolled and instructed to ventilate a manikin simulating respiratory arrest. Participants were instructed to ventilate the manikin for 5 min with and without EOlife in random order.

The study aimed to compare the quality of conventional manual ventilation to ventilation with EOlife on a simulated respiratory arrest patient. Ventilation with EOlife improved from 15 to 90% with the mask and from 15 to 85% with the endotracheal tube (ETT) by significantly reducing the proportion of hyperventilation. The mean ventilation rates and tidal volumes were in the recommended ranges in respectively 100% with the mask  and 97.5% of participants with the ETT when using EOlife.

Ventilation with EOlife improved fom 15 to 90%
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