April, 2020 . France
EOlife: marketing authorization from the French health authority during Covid-19

For the past two months, the world has been fighting an unprecedented health crisis.

French hospitals are facing a shortage of resuscitation ventilators due to a massive and simultaneous influx of critically-ill patients. Each patient with acute respiratory failure, as for Covid-19 requires specific ventilation according to their pulmonary characteristics (thoracic compliance, airway resistance). An incorrect setting of the ventilator can lead to rapid deterioration of health status and death.

To help French healthcare teams, the entire Archeon has worked to provide solutions to the health crisis. EOlife has been adapted to monitor the mechanical ventilation of Covid-19 patients.

EOlife will make possible to monitor the ventilatory parameters of each patient by connecting a single-use sensor to the different ventilators and adjusting the amount of air supplied according to the results transmitted by the software. The resuscitation services will be able to temporarily ventilate more patients with better efficiency.


Successful tests realized in Brest University Hospital

Thanks to Professor Erwan L’Her, head of the Intensive Care Medicine department of Brest University Hospital, Archeon has been able to test EOlife in a clinical conditions and validate the accuracy of the ventilatory parameters measured. “Thanks to its artificial intelligence solution, EOlife offers a reliable tool to measure and adjust the air delivered to each patient, the clinician only has to adjust the quantity of air / oxygen desired”, precise / point out Professor Erwan L’Her.

Archeon has demonstrated EOlife’s performance and safety to obtain an anticipated marketing authorization from the French health authority (ANSM) allowing them to deploy EOlife in resuscitation services in France.

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