May 15, 2019 . Paris
EOlife® tested at French Red Cross training center

Archeon has developed a partnership with the french red cross, starting the beginning of a collaboration for the development and validation of new technologies in order to improve first aid training.

On May 15, 2019 in Paris, Archeon made available the first prototypes of EOlife® at the training center of the French Red Cross. The students of the Frech Red Cross Institute of Paris were able to test the ventilation device in different scenarios simulating the management of a victim of cardiac arrest with the installation of a defibrillator, performing chest compressions and patient ventilation.

The exercise conducted with the EMT students, but also the instructors and managers of the training center was intended to assess not only the various features of the device, but also its ergonomics and ease of use in emergency settings. 88% of EMTs said the product was a great help in training and practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

"A great help for first-aid training"

On September 28, 2018, Archeon signed a partnership with the French Red Cross and affirmed its commitment to innovate not only in the emergency care segment but also in the field of first-aid training, which is one of the priority areas of work to improve basic life support practice and reduce mortality in cardiac arrest.

« This is an anchor in our strategy to improve first aid training at a national and international level », said Alban DE LUCA, President of Archeon.

For Laurent Facon, Director of the French Red Cross Training Institute, “EOlife® helps to quickly gain autonomy in the learning process of ventilation, which is a very complex technique. And it also makes possible to quickly correct the common mistakes that are usually not detectable in manikin training”.

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