November, 2020 . Italy
EOlife to be commercialized in Italy

“SoFraPa – Emergency Training Specialist – is committed since 2015 in finding, testing and promoting the best Simulators and Medical Devices able to support rescuers with any level of expertise and preparation in learning the correct First Aid techniques and performing a quality CPR during the management of medical emergency caused by cardiac arrest.

This is why we immediately focused our attention on Archeon Medical’s EOlife, a revolutionary and innovative device able to monitor in real time the parameters of artificial ventilation performed by the rescuer and to provide effective support to prevent the disastrous effects of hyperventilation.

We are extremely confident that EOlife can soon become the training device for a Quality CPR present in every training centre involved in the training of rescuers, and in particular of medical personnel, and at the same time a first aid device present on every Italian ambulance and wherever there is a ventilation balloon or a device for the management of airways in emergency.” testifies Paolo Innocenti – Founder & CEO.


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