May 2022 . United-States
EOlife X coming to the United-States

Archeon continues its development and now extends beyond the Atlantic. A distribution agreement has just been signed with the American company Sovereign Medical. Thus, EOlife X, a device entirely dedicated to the training of health professionals, will be distributed in all the states of the East Coast of the United States. This is a first step before obtaining the FDA certification to market EOlife on the continent.

“We at Sovereign Medical are always looking to partner with companies that provide innovative, life-saving products for healthcare professionals.  We are thrilled to have formed a partnership with Archeon to offer their EOLifeX training device to training facilities for first responders and emergency medical professionals in our area of responsibility.  We feel the EOLifeX is a “game-changer” and fits in perfectly with the other “best in class, one of a kind” technologies we offer our healthcare providers.” said Chris Lowry, Sovereign Medical’s Vice President Sales & Marketing. 

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