CPR: Effective training
to save lives


EOlife X is a CPR manual ventilation training device.

EOlife X teaches about airway management and good ventilation regardless of the user’s level of experience and the type of patient treated.

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Airway management:
a crucial part of CPR

On average, 35 to 85% of the air leaks out before reaching the patient’s lungs.

30% of patients regurgitate gastric contents when the jaw-thrust manoeuvre is not used correctly.

The most common complication is failure to intubate. After two failed intubation attempts the patient is more likely to suffer serious complications and die.


of gastric regurgitation due to incorrect jaw-thrust manoeuvre

+ 20 %

increase the chances of survival by using a device providing real-time feedback

EOlife X

EOlife X gives feedback on leaks and its bar graph displays the volumes inhaled and exhaled in real time, teaching you how to:

– Position and seal the mask more effectively
– Use the jaw-thrust manoeuvre correctly to avoid insufflation of air into the stomach
– Intubate successfully

Real-time visual feedback increases the quality of manual ventilation by 70% and reduces the risk of hyperventilation tenfold.
Latest data from the American Heart Association (AHA) shows that using a device providing real-time feedback increases the chances of survival by 20%.


Training mode

EOlife X’s software is designed specifically for CPR manual ventilation training.

Blind interface

EOlife X can record and evaluate ventilation parameters during manual ventilation without providing feedback.

Monitored ventilation interface

EOlife X enables the measurement and analysis of ventilation parameters and supports ventilation assistance via CPR instructions.


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