September 28th, 2020 . Besançon
EOlife’s CE marking: A small signature, a giant step for Archeon

Valentine Oqda, QARA manager at Archeon has led the long process to let our product comply with actual regulations. She’s coming back to the origin of this collective journey, now that EOlife is ready to be launched.

” The CE mark for EOlife represents 2.5 years of hard work and is a milestone for ARCHEON. Our company was created to develop and market its first device dedicated to the ventilation of patients in cardiac arrest” explains Valentine.

“A technical and technological challenge for an entire team: our aim was to offer users a ready to go solution that perfectly meets the identified need. In order to achieve this objective, we had to design a complex product, integrating mechanics, electronics and software, which implies to meet numerous standards and regulatory requirements.

Over the last two years, EOlife’s effectiveness has been proved with numerous demonstration and test sessions, as well as its compliance with the safety and performance requirements set out in EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745. The results obtained now make it possible to award the CE mark to EOlife, the final step before launching it on the European market.”

The adventure of a cohesive team

” EOlife is a system without equivalent or precedent on the market. When we embarked on the path of innovation in the field of medical devices, we knew that the road ahead would not be an easy one. At the same time as developing the product, the company had to set efficient working methods common to all. EOlife has developped a solid and sustainable quality approach, guaranteeing safe products for users. At that time, , it was a start from scratch process for a young start-up like ours.

In this quest, we looked for subcontractors and suppliers that share the same high standards as we do. This is mandatory to do so, when producing high-performance, high-quality products.

We would not have been able to overcome these challenges without a formidable collaborative spirit and the mobilisation of our entire team. Today, we are all very proud having achieved this, and seeing our efforts become  reality. We today celebrates the CE marking with all the team.

Our ambition now is that EOlife will become an essential tool for ventilation in cardiac arrest. Also we at ARCHEON will continue to innovate in order to improve the care of patients in vital emergency situations. ARCHEON has all the assets to become a recognised company in the field of emergency care. Our company, in only two and half years of existence, has proven its capacity to bring a cutting-edge medical device onto the market, enabling complex problems to be solved. We are convinced that this is just the beginning of a long story.”

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