November 2019 . Rome
First use of the EOlife system in a European Mass Casualty Incident simulation

Fisrt test of EOlife at Gemelli Hospital in Rome as part of the No-Fear project.

Archeon has now become a Partner of the NO-FEAR project by supplying EOlife systems in order to test this innovation in a highly challenging simulation scenario of mass casualty incident. EOlife could become a suitable solution for first aiders to respond to incident involving high number of victims.

The objective of this demonstration in Rome was to give practitioners the possibility to test and evaluate some cutting edge technologies from Europe and beyond in a real environment. The use of EOlife in such settings has demonstrated the great potential of this technology and has brought some promising results.

"Fill the operational gaps."

Emergency medical care in the EU is a fragmented chain including population, emergency medical services, volunteers, hospitals and cooperation with fire services, police and authorities. It needs to prepare to respond to new threats and assist casualties after security incidents.

In response to this challenge, the NO-FEAR project proposes to bring together a pan-European network of practitioners, decision and policy makers in the medical and security fields. They collaborate to achieve a common understanding of needs, as well as – in collaboration with academia and industries – increase the EU innovation potential that could better fill the operational gaps and recommend areas for future innovations.

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