Welcome! This is where Archeon designs and creates ground-breaking patient ventilation products for tomorrow.

Archeon was created on 26 January 2018. At the time the company was basically a desk and two chairs at the Temis Microtechnology cluster in Besançon. But it was the start of an adventure for its two founders, Alban De Luca and Pierre-Edouard Saillard.

Since then, the team has grown and after 2 moves in 3 years, Archeon is now located at the old Guenot-Tribaudeau watchmaking factory, which has been completely refurbished by local company Square Concept.

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Today, Archeon is a versatile team of 15 people with one goal: to help healthcare teams ventilate patients in life-threatening situations.

« We want to create unique workspaces for unique people »


Leslie Cury, Director of Square Concept

The space is filled with colour and vegetation,

which create the general atmosphere. The aim was to offer the team a pleasant working environment.


The work setting is crucial to us at Archeon, and this is reflected in our dynamic company philosophy.

We apply these rules to our work:

  • COLLABORATION, working as a team in the open-plan office to design, create and deliver safer and better adapted ventilation systems for patients.
  • CONCENTRATION, by providing quiet areas away from the bustle of co-workers.
  • CONTEMPLATION, by offering alternative areas with unique atmospheres to let the imagination run free.


a work environment where company growth goes hand in hand with personal development.

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