Monitoring of mechanical ventilation for Covid-19 patient
Better ventilation
to save lives


In March 2020, the European Innovation Council (EIC), supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, launched a call for innovative companies to apply for funding from the EIC Accelerator Projects on Coronavirus.

It is in this context that Archeon has been awarded in the category “treatment of patients suffering from coronavirus”. More than 1,400 applications were submitted in the fight against the coronavirus, 36 European companies were selected and only 4 were French, including Archeon. This nomination enabled Archeon to receive €1 million grants, thus allowing it to accelerate its development.

The health crisis has pointed out the saturation of Emergency Department and the lack of equipment dedicated to the mechanical ventilation of patients in hospitals.

The project

The H2020 research project for Covid-19 is designed to monitor the ventilatory parameters and gas exchanges of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation and thus guide medical or paramedical teams in ensuring safe ventilation. The aim is now to develop and implement the first independent monitoring system dedicated to mechanical ventilation at a relatively low-cost so that it could massively equip every hospital and care centre in the event of mass casualty incident or viral pandemic.


million european grants to develop the project

14 %

increase of survival due to better ventilation monitoring

Monitoring of mechanical ventilation for Covid-19 patient

As it was proven in a recent study carried out on 980 patients showed that a comprehensive ventilation strategy was associated with lower mortality (19.6% vs. 34.1%), we strongly believe that a dedicated ventilation monitoring system to avoid hyperventilation in the Emergency Department could save a large number of lives.

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