EOlife® is an easy-to-use medical device that lets you efficiently ventilate patients in cardiac arrest.

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Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest is still the leading cause of death worldwide and survival rates remain below 5%.

One of the main challenges facing emergency first aid teams is providing patients with enough oxygen, whilst avoiding hyperventilation which, according to recent studies, occurs in almost 80% of cases.

Hyperventilation can have severe aftereffects, including barotrauma, pneumonia, reduction of the effectiveness of chest compression, reduced venous return, and increased neurological sequelae.

According to experimental studies conducted in the United States, hyperventilation can reduce the chances of survival by 70%.


Survival rate of cardiac arrest


Number of victims each year in France


Number of victims each year worldwide


According to WHO, 100% increase in the numbers of victims by 2024


Rate of hyperventilation during CPR


Reduction of chance of survival due to hyperventilation


Archeon has developed EOlife®: a system that measures ventilation parameters and provides first aiders with real-time feedback on the quality of manual ventilation given to the patient.




Hyperventilation risks division


Improves the efficiency of manual ventilation


for identifying leak or insufflation problems 


Frequently asked questions

Can the product be used with a filter?

EOlife can be used with a filter.

We recommend positioning the filter between the FlowSense sensor and the mask to prevent obstructing the display. Also, in the event of vomiting or bleeding, you will only have to change the mask and filter.

Does the product require maintenance?

No preventive maintenance is required on the product, as all measurements are done by the FlowSense sensor, which is single use and self-calibrating.

Does EOlife measure EtCO2?

EOlife does not perform capnometry as it is mainly designed to ventilate patients in cardiac arrest using a bag-valve-mask (BVM) system.

EtCO2 cannot be measured during mask ventilation and its value is not representative of the quality of ventilation when the heart is stopped.

What is EOlife's run time?

The run time of the device is 5 hours.

We recommend that you recharge the battery after each use or charge it if the indicator is below 20%. It is also advisable to have an operational spare battery in case you need it.

Can the product be used for children?

The product is only for adults (over 140 cm in height).

Can the sensor be reused?

No, the FlowSense sensor is single use to avoid contamination between patients. The use of a filter does not eliminate all risk of bacterial or viral contamination.

Does EOlife measure the insufflation pressure?

EOlife does not measure the insufflation pressure but focuses on the most relevant ventilation parameters listed in ERC and AHA guidelines. Lung damage due to hyperventilation is caused by an excessive tidal volume or ventilation rate. Insufflation pressure is an inter-individual variable that depends on the resistance of the patient’s airway.